Who We Are
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Educational Resources and Referrals – China (ERRChina) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization committed to recruiting, equipping and sending quality educators to some of China’s top educational institutions.


1) China Focused //
Since 1986, we have remained focused on China and her educational needs.

2) Built on Relationships //
We place teachers in schools where we have a foundation of trust and a network of long term relationships since 1986. When one teacher leaves the field, another steps in to continue the work. The schools also recommend us to other institutions. This is how we expand our educational services to other schools.

3) Not Just English Teachers //
ERRChina sends professors qualified to teach English, science, business, law and/or humanities.

4) Quality Teachers //
ERRChina teachers show Christ’s love through caring for the students in the classroom.

5) Team Oriented //
ERRChina teachers are committed to team development and support.

6) Financially Transparent //
ERRChina has been accredited through the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) since 1997.

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1) Beijing
2) Tianjin
3) Taian, Shandong
4) Jinan, Shandong
5) Qingdao, Shandong

6) Shanghai
7) Guangzhou, Guangdong
8) Kunming, Yunnan



1981 // Martha Chan, an immigrant from Taiwan, visited mainland China and was burdened with the vision to connect Western Professors with Chinese Universities.

1986 // Educational Resources and Referrals-China founded.

1987 // ERRChina's first team of teachers sent to China.

1995 // ERRChina Educational Society founded in Canada.

1996 // The China Academic Consortium (CAC) founded.

2006 // ERRChina began sending short-term business professors.

2010 // ERRChina facilitated the Youth Summer Camp from China in California.

2011 // The first Chinese Worldview Today training seminar in Beijing and Xian established.

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Saving Grandmother’s Face
And Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China

A Collective Work of ERRChina Teachers in China. While newspaper headlines commonly focus on politics and economics, Saving Grandmother's Face recounts their experiences in the classroom and in the countryside. Through these stories you will see a side of China often left out-the human side.